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Dry rot and Wet Rot treatment

Dry Rot or Wet Rot can best be described as fungal decay to building timbers and is by far the most common, and the most serious cause of damage to building timbers.  Contrary to popular belief, Dry Rot and Wet Rot are not limited to old buildings; they can affect all timber, both new and old. Dampness, along with a lack of ventilation, provides the perfect conditions for fungal attack on timber to take place. The fungus, once established, breaks down the cell structure of the affected timbers causing potentially widespread and extensive damage if left untreated.

The Solution

Be it Dry Rot or Wet Rot, the very sight of fungal decay can strike horror into property owners/managers, but don’t worry, here at Trustguard we have an array of environmentally friendly treatments to effectivley treat and remove dry rot, wet rot and other forms of fungal decay. Our surveyors are trained in all aspects of Dry Rot and Wet Rot, and it is essential that the correct identification of fungal decay and ultimately the treatment of dry and wet rots is undertaken as soon as the problem is correctly identified.

With our vast range of environmentally friendly treatments, you can trust Trustguard to eliminate your Dry Rot and Wet Rot problems with the minimum of fuss. All treatments come with a long term guarantee giving you peace of mind that your fungal decay problem will be taken care of for good!

Repairs and Fungicidal Treatments

Trustguard’s qualified technicians will remove and replace all affected timbers and undertake repairs where necessary to retained sections of timber. All affected timber is treated using the latest environmentally friendly fungicidal treatments to prevent further decay. Depending on severity of the problem, it may be necessary to treat adjacent masonry areas with a spray applied biocide.

  • Environmentally friendly water based micro emulsion fungicides and biocides
  • Low odour, BBA and HSE approved
  • Treated areas can be re- occupied after just one hour
  • Applied with surface sprayer or brush applied

Pre-purchase damp and timber survey

You’re just about to purchase a new home, but do you want to find out what really lurks within your timber only when you move in?  TrustGuard provide our pre-purchase damp and timber surveys for just this reason, so that you can be confident in the condition of your new home before you purchase it. Click here to find out more