Basement Waterproofing & Cellar Tanking Services in The North East

Basement Waterproofing in The North East

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We have transformed many a redundant basement into extra usable space. With the correct waterproofing system, basements and cellars can be transformed into wonderful new living spaces.

Here at TrustGuard Ltd, we are the leading basement waterproofing and cellar tanking specialist across The North East.

Creating Usable Living Space by Waterproofing Basements in The North East

Converting a damp cellar or installing basement waterproofing can be a surprisingly straightforward and cost effective way of increasing living space and can substantially increase the value of your property.

Waterproofed basements can be converted into a whole host of different uses including kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms, studies or even home cinemas … you are only limited by your imagination. In commercial premises, common uses for basements include restaurants, bars/nightclubs, additional storage space, retail space and car parking spaces.

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Here at TrustGuard Ltd, we have a wealth of experience in converting all manner of cellars and waterproofing basements in The North East. Because of the various different materials used in their construction, it is essential to use the correct waterproofing method to suit your basement.

Commonly referred to as either basement tanking or structural waterproofing, a systematic and thorough approach is needed at the design stage to ensure that all remedial works not only adhere to British Standards (BS8102:2009) but achieve the intended result to ensure your basement remains dry.

Our approved basement waterproofing systems include:

Type A Waterproofing (Barrier) Protection

Type A basement waterproofing also known as tanking, is an externally or internally applied barrier system applied to the walls and floors of the structure that can withstand ground water from entering the building under pressure. There are numerous products and methods for applying Type A waterproofing systems including sheet membranes, multi-coat renders, crystalline slurries and bitumen based coatings. A thorough assessment of the structure must be carefully carried out at design stage to ensure its suitability. This system requires the structural elements of the building to be strong enough to withstand ground water pressure.

Type B Waterproofing (Structurally Integral) Protection

Type B waterproofing is an inbuilt characteristic of the actual structure by adding waterproofing additives to the concrete used to form the floors and walls of the basement. Although normally effective in its own right, the joints of the structure are its weak spot and as such are susceptible to water penetration. Type B waterproofing is normally backed up by combining type A, C or sometimes both to ensure a watertight system and minimise risk. Type B basement waterproofing is normally specified in new build below ground structures.

Type C Waterproofing (Drained) Protection

Type C waterproofing is essentially a set of dimpled membranes called Cavity Drain Membrane (CDM) installed externally or internally to the walls and floors of the basement structure. A type C basement waterproofing system does not aim to prevent water ingress but instead manages it and diverts it into either a pumping chamber or external land drain. This system is suitable for all structure types and is quickly becoming the preferred system for existing cellars and basements that are subject to ground water ingress due to its relatively low risk of defect and ease of installation.

Basement Waterproofing & Cellar Tanking Experts

With years of experience, skill and knowledge in the basement waterproofing industry, TrustGuard Ltd remain your leading, local damp proofers. Using only the best materials, techniques and innovative methods in basement tanking, we continue to deliver efficiency, value and the high standard of workmanship for every basement waterproofing project.

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With public liability insurance, competitive prices, and our guarantees, we remain the preferred damp proofing contractors in The North East.

You can rely on our expertise and professionalism when it comes to quality basement waterproofing solutions.

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