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Condensation can be a major problem affecting many homes and is common in houses which lack sufficient ventilation. The problem, if left untreated without effective condensation control, can lead to black mould forming on walls and ceilings, which in turn can damage wallpaper and painted surfaces, as well as furniture and clothing.

Spores produced by black mould and the moist conditions can also increase the risk of illness and can damage your health.

Here at TrustGuard Ltd, we have an extensive portfolio of systems and processes that we may employ to overcome condensation and associated problems. All properties are different, as are their occupants. We work closely and sympathetically with our clients to achieve a common goal of a dry, healthy and habitable home.

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What is Condensation & How Does It Occur in Buildings?

Air contains water vapour and the warmer the air, the more water vapour it can hold. In most instances, condensation occurs on cold surfaces in areas where there is high humidity. Areas of likely high humidity in a home often include kitchens, bathrooms, utility rooms, small bedrooms and toilets.

Condensation can be visible as droplets of water that appear on internal windowpanes and mirrors. These droplets also form on walls and ceilings but as they soak into the wallpaper/paint, they often go unnoticed until black mould starts to appear.

Particularly vulnerable areas to condensation in homes include:

  • Cold surfaces such as mirrors, single glazed windows and metal window frames
  • Kitchens and bathrooms
  • External walls of unheated rooms
  • Cold corners of rooms
  • Wardrobes/cupboards and behind furniture against an outside wall

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It is essential that the source of any moisture problem is correctly identified by qualified professionals like TrustGuard Ltd and that the full extent is known. Once this has been done, a comprehensive remedial strategy can be designed and implemented which may include any or a combination of the following:

  • Action to reduce and/or control moisture generators within the area affected. This might include the installation of a vent kit for a tumble drier for example.
  • Provision of adequate ventilation, including passive or powered ventilation where appropriate
  • Improvement of the thermal performance of surfaces where appropriate
  • Provision of adequate levels of heating
  • Application of specialist coating and paints

Ventilation is the key to eliminating condensation problems but is only effective if consistent throughout the whole inside of the house.

TrustGuard Ltd can supply and install top-quality condensation units within your loft area, which operate almost silently; you will hardly know its there. A unit designed and installed correctly will ensure that old, moisture-laden air is removed from your home and replaced with good quality air. The benefits of this include improved air quality and an environment in which condensation cannot exist, and thus no more black mould problems.

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With years of experience, skill and knowledge in the damp proofing industry, TrustGuard Ltd remain your leading, local condensation control experts. Using only the best materials, techniques and innovative methods in damp proofing, we continue to deliver efficiency, value and the high standard of workmanship for every damp proofing project.

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