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Here are 7 simple checks to make before instructing a damp proofing company that will save you time and money:

  1. Check what qualifications the staff have, lots of companies state they are Qualified Damp Proofers but cannot show any certificates to substantiate their claim, we hold the PCAQT Property Care Association Qualified Technician qualification, the only genuine qualification for damp proofing.

  2. Be wary of companies who state they are ‘Approved Contractors’ of such and such chemical company, all this states is that they have attended a one day course at the manufacturers premises to be shown the products available, the chemical company has a vested interest in giving them ‘Approved Contractor’ status as they want them to buy the chemicals from them.

  3. Always check to see if the company has insurance, public liability, professional indemnity and employer’s liability should be a minimum.

  4. Always choose a Ltd company, sole traders are not really a company, they are one man band type outfits which usually work from home, there is nothing illegal with this but when you are dealing with damp proofing works which are likely to carry a 20 year guarantee you want to be dealing with a reliable, trustworthy business which has more chance of being about in 20 years.

  5. Always insist on an Insured Guarantee, not an Insurance Backed Guarantee, the only genuine insurance for the damp proofing industry is CGS Construction Guarantee Services (Click here for more info) or GPI Guaranteed Protection Insurance, if it doesn’t have IPT Insurance Premium Tax added to it, then it’s not genuine insurance.

  6. A genuine professional damp proofing company should always provide you with a written report and quotation, be wary of companies reluctant to give you this, verbal quotation’s should be avoided at all costs as you don’t have a leg to stand should problems arise during the works.

  7. Free damp and timber surveys or reports should be viewed with caution, a pre purchase damp and timber report carried out properly can take up to 2 hours to complete, and this is excluding travelling time. It can also take the same time again to type up a professional damp and timber report, so all in its at least a 3-4 hour job, companies offering free damp and timber reports invariably ‘find’ unnecessary work as they need to cover the cost of the time spent at the property carrying out the survey.

    On the other hand a company who charges a fee for a damp and timber survey will have already covered their time spent producing the report by the fee they charge and thus you will receive a professional, unbiased report on the condition of your property avoiding unnecessary, costly works.