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Remove plaster when installing new damp proof course?

Tuesday, February 29, 2020

Question: Why do you have to remove the existing plaster when installing a new damp proof course when the plaster looks in sound condition? Answer: Removal of the plaster in necessary as it is likely to contain ground salts such as chlorides and nitrates as a result of the rising damp. The salts are hygroscopic […]

Recurring damp spot on an external wall

Tuesday, February 29, 2020

Question: I have a damp spot on an external wall in my property, I have tried everything possible but it keeps coming back, would there be anything that would get rid of this problem for good? Answer: The damp problem you describe could be rectified for good as long as the source of the problem […]

Are free damp surveys a rip-off?

Tuesday, February 29, 2020

Question: We are in the process of buying an old Victorian end terraced house in Durham, we’ve had a free damp and timber survey done by a local company. We have had the report back and it doesn’t sound too good. Tests showed high levels of rising damp on the front bay window, gable wall […]