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As you’re no doubt aware, Wales and the North East of England has been suffering from terrible flooding, causing millions of pounds worth of damage.  This has been the wettest Autumn for 224 years, and as a result, your home may be suffering from the recent water logging.

What can I do?

For those suffering the extreme effects of flooding, the Environment Agency recommends the following to reduce flood damage:

  • prevent water from short, shallow flooding from getting into the building
  • delay flood water from getting into the building if flooding is more severe, giving you extra time to move your possessions to safety and evacuate
  • limit the damage to walls, floors, fixtures and fittings if flood water gets into the building
  • make it easier, faster and cheaper to clean up and dry out,  so that you can get your life back to normal as soon as possible

Hopefully, this wont happen to you as most homes will avoid the worst of the water, but rising damp can still be a problem, especially in older properties.

What is Rising Damp?

Rising damp is the vertical flow of water through a porous wall structure; the water from the ground enters the pores in the wall and rises by capillary action. Rising damp can occur on any wall which is built on a foundation (into the ground). Rising damp is a very common problem in older properties due to the fact that damp proof courses were rarely fitted in the past or at best they were made from unsuitable material and have broken down over the years. A damp course is essential to avoid the costly problems associated with rising damp- (it is installed as a matter of course in all new buildings).  You can find out more from our damp proofing services page, but how can you find out if you have a problem?

Free damp proof survey

The best way to determine if your property suffers from rising damp, is with a damp proof survey.  Our experts will be able to survey your property, let you know if you have a damp problem, and resolve it if you do.  Why not contact TrustGuard – the North East’s leading damp and timber specialists – for peace of mind this autumn and winter.

Call 0191 415 9471 for your free survey today.