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Cavity wall tie replacement

What are cavity wall ties?

Most homes built in the last hundred years are of cavity wall construction: the external walls are built of two leaves of brickwork held together with steel ties referred to as cavity wall ties, this makes for a warmer and drier home.

However, prior to 1980 wall ties used in the construction of houses were of inferior quality being inadequately protected from corrosion, older types of metal tie may have no protective coating or they may have a bitumen or light zinc coating. Either way these ties are susceptible to corrosion in the presence of moisture and oxygen; it is when these cavity wall ties begin to fail that they can compromise the structural integrity of the building, and if left for a long period of time, can lead to very costly structural repairs.

Characteristic signs of corrosion include horizontal cracking of the mortar bed joints in which the ties are laid, caused by expansion of the metal during corrosion. Mild steel ties have a shorter service life than the brickwork in which they are placed and, during the life of the building and will need replaced with stainless steel wall ties which, because they do not corrode, will ensure a more permanent solution.

It is often quoted that any property built before 1981 may be at risk from wall tie corrosion and associated problems. After this time, the use of stainless steel and higher spec. galvanised ties have reduced (though not removed) the level of concern.

Repairing and replacing cavity wall ties

Our fully trained and experienced local Surveyors have a range of solutions at their disposal to solve your cavity wall problem. With our technology and expertise, cavity wall tie replacement is simple, quick and effective. Our cavity wall ties provide a permanent and
economical solution to wall tie failure.

Using a combination of specialist equipment such as metal detector, fibre optic boroscopes and low impact drills, we can seamlessly detect, find and replace any defective cavity wall ties quickly and easily while minimising the impact of any works on you and your property.