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We’ve been kept busy lately with the daily enquiries from clients complaining of having black mould in their properties. 

What is black mould?

Black mould is a problem associated with condensation – an extremely common problem in properties between the months of October to March. We refer to this as the ‘condensation season’. As soon as the temperatures drop outside, external walls cool down and water vapour inside the property condenses against cold internal surfaces, providing the perfect conditions for black mould to grow. Black mould spores are present in the atmosphere at all times and when conditions are right, they will form and then multiply.

Why do I get condensation in a new home?

Condensation is more prevalent in new homes due to modern building techniques.  Houses are effectively sealed too well, double glazing being the number one culprit, and the moisture in the air from cooking, bathing, drying clothes and such like has nowhere to escape.  In days gone-by, when most properties had open fireplaces and single timber glazing, condensation was never a problem as properties naturally ventilated themselves.

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If you have black mould condensation problems in your property and would like some specific advice please feel free to contact us on 0191 415 9471 and we’d be happy to help